Monday, February 06, 2006

The Honeymoon is over

Monday morning you could have been forgiven for believing that Stephen Harper's honeymoon with the press might last for at least a couple of months. The media knows we are all sick of political negativity from a very long election campaign. But by Monday lunch a better guess, as to how long the media honeymoon will be, was just two weeks .

Monday February 6th 2006 showcased the first executive decision by Stephen Harper as the new Prime Minister. Then the media gloves came off as the Canadian press flatly accused Mr. Harper of blatant hypocrisy. The new Prime Minister campaigned on the premise that the Liberals are corrupt but he then appoints a senior Liberal to the new Conservative Cabinet. If that's not hypocrisy it certainly is a flip flop. And, Stephen Harper appoints a conservative to the Senate for no less reason than political expediency - something Mr. Harper said he would never do.

Oh my!

The press caught Harper's obvious hypocrisy and called it out. The public was enjoying the political quiet of the last two weeks but now Mr. Harper gets to wear the prize for ending it. The honeymoon with the press is over, which means the media ruckus of a minority parliament begins again - now.


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