Sunday, September 28, 2008

Steve V - Conservative Sock Puppet Exposed

Steve V has left a new comment on the post "Please":

All you're proving is that your fucking crazy and people should run away...

What a batshit LOSER you are, and you wonder why no one pays attention.

Change your meds, maybe that will help you colossal moron.

I can't stop laughing :)

It takes a nanosecond


All of the above from Steve V - conservative sock puppet.

(c) 2008 Victoria BC


Blogger thwap said...

Ah, I love the way those idiots try to "debate" with you.

Content-free insults about your mental health or something even more meaningless.

I'd engage them from time to time, to try to get something concrete out of them. After extended back and forth, they'd blurt something out, I'd deal with the content of it and offer a critique, they would have no reply and would instantly revert back to meaningless snark.

I wonder why they bother. No, strike that. I wonder how anybody could be so stupid and still be able to function as an adult human being. (Finding the proper keys on their keyboards to type their insults for instance.)

Mon Sep 29, 06:58:00 AM  

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