Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ezra Levant takes the low road

Ezra Levant's reprint of the Mohammad cartoon is rude.

Ezra Levant has the right to publish pictures but just because he can doesn't mean he should.

The world has been debating the issue of printing "pictures" of Muhammad for more than a week. To some, the pictures are blasphemous; to most, publishing them is rude.

Being rude does not mean you are right or wrong; it is about how you are treating others when debating. The general point of being rude during debate is either to deliver hurt, or grab some attention to display ego, and sometimes merely to be inflammatory.

Is rudeness truly about "free speech"? No. There are other ways to make a point and Ezra Levant chose to take the low road regarding a long-standing religious debate.


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