Monday, December 04, 2006

The Liberal Party of Canada is now in the driver's seat

The liberals have won the G&M with Dion - see front page December 4,2006
The liberals still have to win the T.O star - see Chantel
The National Post - they will turn on Harper as they need readership and the NeoCon dogma is costing them their bussiness
The CBC - about $10,000,000 in free and *positive* coverage


There is a hidden message in the weekend polling numbers. Canadians are ready and willing to have an election. That means they are ready for change and find Stephane Dion a Canadian alternative to Steve W. Harper.

All Stephane Dion has to do is stay on message:

1. fiscal responsibility (when conservative GDP and budget numbers come out this point is going to be powerful)

2. social justice (include healthcare here)

3. sustainable environment (the public is ready - this is an idea whose time has come)

The Liberals chose someone trustable (imagine, a political party chose someone trustable). I think Canadians are ready and willing to take that as an alternative to Steve.

(c) 2006 Victoria BC


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