Saturday, November 11, 2006

Steve Harper's Betrayal

Whose interests is the New Conservative Government serving?

We know Steve Harper is not giving foreign policy professional focus. He gave a green-light to civilian bombings in Lebanon and has lost public trust in the war in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister and his cabinet have been skipping international events like AIDs and environmental conferences - creating an international incident at the Francophone Summit that he did attend.

We also know the environment isn’t taken seriously as the conservatives are attempting to defer emissions targets to 2050.

Notably, the New Government is as morally corrupt as any previous government. They give non-tendered contracts to associates, use government aircraft for personal trips, and are under-investigation for violations to Election Laws. Steve Harper broke a written Income Trust promise that cost participating Canadians $36 Billion.

In many ways, the New Government is as old as any we have ever seen.

Nevertheless, Harper’s Conservatives are making one clear political move. This past week, the Prime Minister indicated he is talking to the provinces about setting formal limits on Ottawa's powers. Steve Harper wants to provincialise the country. And, Mr. Harper has integrated US-Canadian foreign policy (sometimes word-for-word). We now know, the Prime Minister’s full agenda is to both Balkanize and Americanize Canada’s pieces.

The Prime Minister’s intentions are clear; so we now know whose interests he is serving - even though a betrayal of the interests he is sworn to protect.

(c) 2006 Victoria BC


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