Sunday, October 22, 2006

Steve Harper's Pollution Protection Plan

Canada has stewardship over 1/10 the planet’s land, the equivalent amount of responsibility for the earth’s air quality, and vast amounts of the world’s fresh water. Proudly, Steve Harper’s new government just released Canada’s new environment strategy – not even a plan yet - to create a plan to protect our environment.

According to the new government’s new strategy air quality targets will be achieved in 2050… maybe. Air polluters will be allowed to increase overall emissions under the conservative strategy (known as the pollution intensity per barrel of oil approach). Polluters can emit based on the barrels of oil used with no cap on overall emissions... cough! Further, the Harper plan does not include any mention of eco-systems; there is no thought of developing a plan to protect anything living. Likewise, there is no mention of water management. And, be sure to watch where you stand too; Steve Harper’s new strategy for the environment also does not include land quality management. I guess we have to individually fend for ourselves if we want clean land and water.

Can an environmental non-plan be any worse? Well no. The New Harper Government’s Environment Plan is a “Pollution Management” strategy and not an “Environment Protection” plan in any way - other than in Orwellian news speak.

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