Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Conservatives Withholding Accounting Records

Recent allegations suggest that the Conservative Party of Canada (CPoC) was involved in cheque-swapping to fake donations to their national convention in 2005. Recently published financial transactions on Elections Canada’s website show that many CPoC riding associations may not have filed their 2005 returns or are under investigation.

CPoC returns are missing from Elections Canada's website. According to an Election's Canada spokesperson answering the phone, the absence of information on the website means the offending riding associations have either: not submitted their returns as required (90 day extensions are allowed and are usually granted), or the association is being investigated.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said his party has done no wrong and party officials have promised to turn over accounting records related to the Conservative Party’s 2005 convention. However, records are being withheld from public view and the reasons why have yet to be determined. Previously, a spokesperson in CPoC cabinet minister John Baird's office claimed that the records had already been turned over and approved by Elections Canada.

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