Sunday, July 02, 2006

CPoC Convention Gate Scandel - Phase Three Prediction


Phase One: The federal body of the CPoC did not account for and report ~$2 million from individuals paying the gate fee *at* their 2005 convention. This is required by law and they knew then: the smoking gun, elections canada says law is clear

Phase Two: Expenses to the convention were being claimed as political donations (tax credits) via cheque-swapping. Donor received benefits/expenses have a "fair market value" or "commercial value" and don't constitute a political donation. Barbara Yaffe breaks deeper scandel to country! Cheque-swapping constitutes both tax credit and elections act violations. Phase II of the Convention Gate scandel was broke first by Walks-with-coffee here in: they knew and wanted more

Phase Three: CPoC Electoral District Associations (EDAs) did not necessarily directly pay for seats... think deeply about the significance of this missing step…

The CPoC must confess to issuing a tax receipt via cheque-swapping (See Convention Gate Phase II), and the CPoC must also prove that the cheque-swap money was actually used to pay gate fees *at* the convention; Otherwiwe, the gate fee is an addictional donation to the CPoC and must be declared (again)... sending many CPoC members over the legal donation limit for double contributing - and adding to the rev cdn tax issues discussed in Phase II of Convention Gate. However, individuals within the CPoC will not want to take the rev cdn and election act responsibilty for this scandal and so will try to force the national body to accept responsibilty and an internal war within the CPoC will errupt and cripple the CPoC both politically and financially.

Blog Post Updated Monday July 3rd, 2005 with Vancouver Sun Front Page Image, note on corporate donations made at CPoC convention, and links.


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