Thursday, March 09, 2006

Obstruction of Justice

The Canadian media is reporting that Stephen Harper is refusing to cooperate with the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner and that Mr. Harper is threatening to have the Commissioner fired. If reports are true, Mr. Harper is in deep political trouble.

Stephen Harper may not like the ethics investigation into Emersongate; nevertheless, Mr. Harper’s refusal to cooperate with the Ethics Commissioner’s investigation might be judged to be obstruction of justice.

Trying to bully the Ethics Commissioner by implying Mr. Harper will have the Commissioner fired might be deemed to be a threat against an Officer of Parliament - during an investigation.

Obstruction of a Parliamentary investigation and contempt for an Officer of Parliament is a crime.

The situation is serious. Remember, Nixon was not forced from office because of a break-in. He was ousted because of an alleged obstruction of justice. Stephen Harper needs to change his current course or he too may be forced from office for allegedly obstructing of justice.

The Emerson ethics issue has turned from being an investigation into the alleged offering of a bride to allegations of obstruction and threats towards an Officer of Parliament.

These are serious times for Stephen Harper.


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