Friday, June 30, 2006

CPoC ConventionGate Roundup

This is the roundup as of Friday morning:

1. Federal CPoC did not declare the $2 million transfer to itself via their national convention (which has been called an Elections Act violation by Elections Canada)

2. CPoC members were receiving political tax receipts for things that they received a commercial benefit from (could be considered tax fraud)

3. CPoC is late in filing its reports (can be de-listed as a political party for this)

*Update* from Eugene: Election Canada site shows some CPoC EDA (ex Victoria) have not filed for over a year or have been under investigation for more than a year!

*Update* from MWW -- I've reviewed the Elections Canada act. Today is in fact the deadline for the CPOC to hand in it's financials for the 2005 fiscal year. So this may not be a big deal.. (except of course the lie that the Baird's office made when they claimed EC had checked the convention's books already)

4. Allegations of over-spending during the election have surfaced.

5. Allegations of creating a fake news outlet and unlabelled material during the election remain unresolved.


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