Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's the denial dummy. Speaker's re-review of MacKay's words

Expert technical analysis of the parliamentary tape of MacKay's words will easily reveal that he said "it". He called a fellow MP and former lover "my dog". His denial to parliament of the comment will be exposed.

How serious is this?

This incident as it occurred involved an insult to a MP, to Parliament, and to women. An apology was required. But now, the situation has escalated to an apparent lie to parliament in front of the entire country. And, the speaker now has grounds on two counts to discipline Peter MacKay.

The parliamentary speaker has already once been willing to let it drop, gave an opportunity to say sorry, but now has reluctantly agreed to "listen" to expert testimony and read the affidavits. Expert analysis will show that he said it - as those with good ears can already hear it on the tape without aid of technical support.

Peter… you did it… and you apparently fuddleduddled to parliament about it… the latter making the former worse.

It’s always the cover-up that gets’m!

Of course, there is a pattern here. He broke his written promise to the PC party and David Orchard... now he has insulted an MP, parliament, and the country with further disingenous bluster.

The Speaker ought to hold him to account. In the next election his riding should do the same.

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Blogger Red Tory said...

Has Walks copywrited this date: January 25, 2006 (c)? Oh, and I see comment moderation has been enabled because Walks certainly wouldn't want unrestrained free speech on Walk's blog, would Walks? And the post on Peter MacKay, that too is copywrited. Does Walks think that anyone would care to appropriate it? Because, I hate to disappoint you Walks, but it's hardly original. But Walks must do what Walks must do I guess.

Mon Oct 30, 12:11:00 AM  

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