Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The convention-donation-gate cover-up attempt continues

Pay very close attention to what the CPoC national office has just done to cover-up the convention-donation-gate scandal.

The CPoC head office now says that convention attendees made a donation *at* their convention; however, attendees already made a convention donation at the constituency level and were also paid expense to go (including the cost of the gate fee). See cheque-swapping story.

Get this point: CPoC members now have two (2) receipts to the same event plus were paid expenses in kind (which included gate fee).

To get out of the convention-donation-gate scandal, the CPoC national office is squeezing its local members with rev cdn jeopardy to balance CPoC federal books [as I predicted in writing 6 months ago.]. Steve Harpers is attempting to shift the burden of blame to individual members.

Will rev cdn and the members figure out the fraud? Connect the dots... they are all there in public now. Now that the CPoC has doubled up on the lie.

-> double receipts, gifts in kind for expenses and receipts, slush funds paying to get people to the same event.... why the fraud... why did the PM participate!!!

The CPoC has broken EC and Rev Cdn rules to get elected.

It's time to demand the PM resign.

(c) 2006 Victoria BC


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