Sunday, September 28, 2008

The meme works... as per Steve V sock puppet counter attack

Winning Opposition Themes

1. Federal Fudget Budget;
2. There is no future in Harpernomics;
3. Bush is gone; will Harper live on?

(c) 2008 Victoria BC

Steve V - Conservative Sock Puppet Exposed

Steve V has left a new comment on the post "Please":

All you're proving is that your fucking crazy and people should run away...

What a batshit LOSER you are, and you wonder why no one pays attention.

Change your meds, maybe that will help you colossal moron.

I can't stop laughing :)

It takes a nanosecond


All of the above from Steve V - conservative sock puppet.

(c) 2008 Victoria BC

Winning Opposition Themes

1. Federal Fudget Budget;
2. There is no future in Harpernomics;
3. Bush is gone; will Harper live on?

(c) 2008 Victoria BC

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Mr. Harper a leader or a misleader?

Under Mr. Harper, Canada has lost hundreds of thousands of quality jobs in manufacturing and lumber. On health and safety, ignorance and denial escalated a nuclear safety issue into a world-wide medical crisis. Several Canadians died of Listeriosis because of Harper deregulation. Environmentally, Mr. Harper has become the world's pariah -- excepting the U. S. administration's approval.

Military deaths in Afghanistan escalated radically. The war is mismanaged.

Rather than governing well, Mr. Harper spent two years and millions in character assassinations and suing his opponents, including Elections Canada. Elections Canada ruled that Mr. Harper, 67 Conservative candidates, plus their financial agents violated election law. Mr. Harper says he is a law-and-order guy, but he did not play legally with our most fundamental institution -- democratic elections.

Now, Mr. Harper is spending millions to tell us he is a man that loves his children. However, in public life he has proven he does not love the truth, does not think the law applies to him, and is utterly incompetent at managing a government.

Mr. Harper is a misleader.

Eugene Parks
(c) 2008 Victoria BC

Collingwood Ontario

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Harper's Foul

What should the next federal election be about?

Some say the Liberals should still be accountable for a sponsorship scandal that happened more than a decade ago when attempting to fight separatism in Quebec.

We rightly sent them to the political penalty box for the foul and some want to keep them there forever.

In contrast to today, people are dying now of listeriosis because Prime Minister Stephen Harper deregulated Canada's principal meat packaging plant as a "test" project for further deregulation.

I'd say Harper's team deserves a game misconduct penalty and he deserves a lifetime suspension from ever playing again.

Political penalties should be proportional to the misconduct. The ultimate political referee, you and me, voters, should send PM Harper out of the political arena for good.

Eugene Parks

Prince Albert
Oak Bay

(c) 2008 Victoria BC