Sunday, January 21, 2007

"New" Government's limited perspective

Canada's “New” Government was clear it would pursue environmental policy of its own making, no matter how half baked, under former Minister Ambrose. Harper-Tories cheered the dismantling of Canada’s environmental programs. Now, because of public pressure through opinion polls, a subset of dismantled climate-change programs is being offered under new names.

Mr. Harper in his Victoria announcement of potential environmental funding referred to oil, gas, and nuclear power as “conventional” energy sources. He ought to know, however, that Hydropower - a renewalbe source of energy - from Niagara Falls powered Ontario and half of New York’s rise to industrial greatness; that historically, human kind has relied upon windmills and watermills to power their activities; that the modern versions of water and wind power - wind-farms, hydropower, and tidal generators - are the most conventional sources of power we know – regardless of Harper’s “conventional” carbon burning perspective.

If Mr. Harper wants to be a true national leader he must develop a broader perspective on subjects he is addressing. He must understand climate change in its global context. He must approach energy systems in their full context. He must come to understand and engage the environment as a living ecosystem, not just as a power source. Effective national leaders must have historic, national, and global perspectives on the subjects they address.

Mr. Harper appears to lack this quality: his limited “conventional” energy perspective is inadequate.

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