Sunday, February 25, 2007

Climate Change - Enviromental Solutions Exist

I've worked as an industrial scientist and was dismayed during my association with the CPoC to discover that they are sciences deniers (climate change being just one example; I'm sure you can think of other examples - think stem cell research, to instantaneous creationism, to medical approaches to addictions. etc.) Stephen Harper is not alone in his denial of science; the attitude is systemic and broadly applied within the CPoC.

For the record: Below are several energy sources that combined would eliminate the need for burning fossil fuels.
1. geothermic
2. hydro power
3. wind power
4. solar power
5. tidal power
6. agriculture (off grade products only)

We can also convert the above to fuels for mobility – such as hydrogen – that can power an entire economy.

Those in the CPoC who say replacement solutions for fossil fuels don’t exist are simply ignorant of the possibilities. You don't know what you are talking about.

(c) 2006 Victoria BC


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