Monday, March 19, 2007

The bloc will take the bribe

Governments often do not keep their promises and too often overspend. There's nothing "new" in this and no special skills are required.

Needed from our "new" government’s federal budget were clear signs of prioritization. What was delivered was spending in a random and feckless fashion in every direction designed to bribe us with our own money.

Reckless bribery is not what we need from our money; we need true environmental funding that has a plan attached. We need meaningful healthcare improvements. Genuine support for building a more energy efficient economy is needed. Our vulnerable need protection. Our cities’ infrastructure needs rebuilding. Brash bribery accomplishes none of those.

One thing from the budget taxpayers have gained. They will not suffer the expense of an unneeded federal election. Intended or not, the Bloc has been bribed enough to keep the New Government of Canada in office for a while yet.

(c) 2007 Victoria


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